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Free Mental Wellness Consultation - $0
This is the first step to getting closer to the mental clarity you desire. In this initial conversation we will go over some key questions, discuss your wellness goals, and establish if we are a good fit.

$15.00 Late Cancellation Fee: You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

2024 Predictions Reading - $75
Holistic Mental Wellness Coaching + (Optional) Reading - $95
Together we will connect to your higher self through discussion and inuitive guidance. This session combines wellness coaching and a reading so that you can practical apply the information that spirit provides through myself and the cards. This is an opportunity to dig deep and understand your behaviors, beliefs, illnesses and what you need to do to heal. Includes: 1 hour of discussion, at least 3 recommendations, 4 card spread and follow up.
30 Minutes Session - $65
Everyone has those days. If you're feeling a bit off, checking in with yourself on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level can be very grounding. This session will help you stabilize you and help you identify any blind spots that may be affecting your energy, bringing you back to focus on what matters most to you at this time.
30 Minute Reading - $55
6 Sessions Package - $555
Most deep transformational healing cannot take place in a single session. As one of Parks Holistic Health's premium program packages,‚Äč you'll have the opportunity to receive the concentrated, personalized counseling to help you break down deeply rooted subconscious blockages. With an individual plan and a hand to hold, you'll be able to face your traumas and turn them into your greatest strengths!
Couples/Family Coaching - $150
Holistic Mental Wellness Coaching for couples and families.
Personalized plan sent out after each session via email.
One follow up.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching (without Integration Sessions) - $390
Group Coaching (with Integration Sessions) - $585